Well what can we say, we wanted a website to share SEO and web related articles, so we started one. Founder of SmokinSEO is Shane Strong, he is a front-end web developer/web optimizer. SmokinSEO is a website for those people who want to learn. We try to follow what tutsplus.com/ has in place with there website. A community of people sharing there knowledge about the web industry. Well we are trying to start a community of SEO’ers, that wish to share there knowledge with the world. We accept article submissions, advertisements, and even people to become publishers.

If you wish to submit your article to SmokinSEO so that the world may see what you can do and know you should check out our Submission Policy. This will teach you what is needed to get your article successfully submitted.

If you would like to become a publisher you should check out the Become A Publisher page. You should know that in order to become a publisher you either need to get a recommendation from another publisher or you need to successfully submit 3 articles and contact us with a request to become a publisher.

What We Are Looking For

Well we really are not looking for anything particularity, we just have a goal that we are trying to meet. Once we meet this goal then we can set an even higher one to overcome.

Our Goal

The date is February 01, 2011 by this day in the year 2013 we are looking to be at the pagerank of 5 and in the top 30000 in the alexa rank. We are looking to grow the ground of publishers to the size of 100 within 1 year of the previously stated date.

Why do you set a goal? So that you have something to look forward to. We are looking forward to breaking our goal and setting a new future goal.

Thank You From The SmokinSEO Crew.