Advertise With SmokinSEO

In order to purchase a ad block through SmokinSEO you can use the form below to send your information. The price of these ad very depending on the size that you would like. Maximum width is 180px, maximum height is 360px. Different sizes allowed, 180×360, 180×200, 180×180, 180×160, 180×140, 180×120, and 180×100. These ads are in limited quantity. The bigger the ad spot the farther to the top it goes. The newer the ad the higher it goes but still is limited to the size. Ad prices:

  • 180×360 – $60
  • 180×200 – $50
  • 180×180 – $40
  • 180×160 – $30
  • 180×140 – $20
  • 180×120 – $15
  • 180×100 – $10

Text Links with SmokinSEO

The only way to get a text link through SmokinSEO is inside blog posts. If you find a post that you would like to sponsor, use the form below to send in your information and someone will get back with you. Every blog post with a sponsor will have a sponsored area for links. Each post is limited to 4 text links. The cost of a text link is $20. If you are looking for a bulk deal on text links, email [email protected]

Sponsor’s Choice

If you have a good idea for a type of advertisement that you would like to see just use the email form below or email [email protected] with your proposal for advertisement and a description. Your proposal will be looked at and we will send you a email if we accept your proposal.

Please if you have any questions about any of these ways to advertise please use the form below to contact us.

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