Become A Publisher

Anyone who is looking to become a publisher and help out with SmokinSEO has to follow and full fill these few qualifications:

  1. You must first submit at least 3 articles that get approved.
  2. Upon finishing the first step, you have to contact [email protected] with a few reasons why you would like to become a publisher. You may use the form below.
  3. Your publisher application will be looked over and if you get accepted you will get a email back and your account will get changed to publisher status.
  4. Once you become a publisher if you submit content that is not worthy of being published your account can be shut down.
  5. All articles that are submitted to SmokinSEO must be unique content and must not be published else where.
  6. All articles submitted to SmokinSEO become property of SmokinSEO and only SmokinSEO and the author have rights to articles.

[contact-form 3 “Publisher Form”]