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Microformats are something that all Marketers and Optimizers are going to have to get use to and start using on a regular basis. Not only are microformats great for importing information from site to site, Google has adopted microformats into there search engine. So are microformats going to be the next major form of SEO and marketing. With Google’s implementation of microformats it is only a short time for other major search engine to completely adopt microformats. One of the biggest uses for microformats is the hCalendar markup.

hCalendar Markup

Why is this so important for people to use? Well it is simple most calendars have a import event area don’t they. Well before microformats, importing a calendar event was somewhat hard. First you had to get a script that could communicate between calendar’s. Then you had to transfer the information from the script to your calendar. Now just imagine if you had 200 events to do this for. That would suck. Well microformats are much easier. The reason behind this is because it creates a unified coding style for calendar events that every platform or calendar should be implementing. So all you would have to do is import the events and they would appear like they should. No formatting and no mess.

How To Write hCalendar Markup

Lets say this is your calendar event:

Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals
on 2011-06-10 
at Kauffman Stadium 
in Kansas City, MO, USA.

Now let see what it would look like with microformats implemented:

   Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals
   on 2011-06-10
   at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, MO, USA.

It really doesn’t look like much but with that setup inside a calendar you would be able to export it and add it to your Google calendar or most other calendars. Something that you also will need to learn is the format that the exported information will have to look like. For this event it would look something like this:

SUMMARY:Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals
LOCATION:Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, MO,USA

Now if you would like to learn more about hCalendar head over to Microformats.org. They have some great examples of all different kinds of events and a list of all the event attributes.

Other Microformats

Like what I said in the beginning of this post Google has adopted microformats to its search engine. Well you may think that hCalendar is the only microformat from reading this post. Well it is not there are a ton of microtormats including hcard, hcalendar, blog, about page, press, presentation, screencast, podcasts, books, and many more. All of these have specific formats that you can follow and when Google crawls your website it can look at the information and know if it is a blog post, your about page or other stuff. There are many more places adopting microformats some that you may have heard of like Facebook or maybe Yahoo. These are defiantly the future of optimization and search engines. So I would go over to microformats.org and study up on these techniques. SmokinSEO will be implementing microformats into the blog by the end of 2011.

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